Welcome to Qabala-T, T for trial, T for training, T for tea.  This is a free offering, open to anyone who registers by the end of March 15, 2017.  After that date, this free offering will no longer be available.

Have you ever been curious about the Qabala?  Want to know what it’s about?  Get some glimpses into how it can be incorporated into your magical practice?  Come take this journey with us.  All levels of knowledge and experience are welcome.

Watch this introductory video!

The inspiration and original basis for this course is a set of monthly teas scheduled through 2017.  In my personal working I host these teas as an opportunity for like-minded individuals to get together and discuss a topic.  The topic, for 2017, is the Qabala.  The dates are set as well for these teas, and the timing of this course will be based upon those dates.  We invite anyone who wishes to metaphorically and metaphysically join us on those dates, to do the discussion/contemplation and meditation for that month on the same day at the same time (2 pm, PST), so that we’re all having tea together in an energetic, globally connected sense.  Of course, you can do the classes whenever they work for you, and/or you can gather a group together and do it as a group, whenever that gathering would work for you.  In other words, all options are valid, the release dates are fixed.

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If you want to do the main working for each topic (the meditation/energy working in Part 2 of the topic) at the same date as my home Communi-Tea group, these are the dates they will happen on:

  • 08-Jan-17     Open to Qabala
  • 12-Feb-17      Malkuth
  • 12-Mar-17      Yesod
  • 09-Apr-17     Hod
  • 07-May-17    Netzach
  • 11-Jun-17      Tifareth
  • 09-Jul-17      Gebruah
  • 13-Aug-17     Chesed
  • 10-Sep-17     Binah
  • 08-Oct-17     Chokmah
  • 05-Nov-17    Kether
  • 03-Dec-17    Qabala Close

Note:  most dates are the 2nd Sunday of the month except for May, November and December.

The course topics will each have 3 parts, the first part has preliminary meeting (to prepare for the tea discussion), the 2nd part has the main working (i.e. the meditation to have during ‘tea’) and the 3rd part to reflect and integrate the working from part 2.

Once you’ve joined via the button above, click here to get started or just go to the Qabala-T tab and click on “Overview of Course” sub-tab.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Please direct any questions to learn@terraarcanum.org.


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