Welcome to the second tea of the course!

You have a general idea now of the Qabala, the shape of the tree.  We’ve started looking at the base of the tree, the root, the Kingdom, Malkuth.  So let’s talk about it, contemplate it, play with it!

There are four lessons or exercises if you prefer in this week.  They can be done together, as in all of them contemplated (if alone) or discussed (if working this in a group) all on the same day, or you can spread them out over the week as works for you.

Tea Preparation

For those who will be doing tea like I will, here’s the things to keep in mind:

  1. Wear black (or russet, olive or citrine or ochre) to connect with the colour of Malkuth
  2. Tea suggestion (mine are added to a rooibos base) **always take care that there are no allergies with what you choose to use**:  sage, lily flower (if you can find it; jasmine would be an acceptable substitute, as would violets), something woody (fresh cedar greens or fresh pine greens, and/or a small amount of willow bark)
  3. Malkuth oil blend:
    • Sandalwood
    • Gum Mastic
    • Vetivert
    • Fir Needle
    • Pine
    • Palmarosa
  4. Optional (well, it’s all optional, but this item is particularly so): dress (anoint) a black candle with the oil, to burn during the tea, to help bring focus to the contemplation/discussion.

Tea Process

Anoint self with oil.

Do the meditation.

Make tea.

Contemplate/discuss Malkuth while drinking tea.


Exercises in this Week:

Exercise 1:  The Meditation

Exercise 2:  Lady/Lord of the Earth

Exercise 3:  Vice/Virtue

Exercise 4:  Malkuth as Sacred

Head on over to the first exercise and let’s get this tea going!


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