Also known as Hermetic Qabala, this is the study of the Qabala as known in the Western Magical Traditions, from Wicca to Thelema to the Golden Dawn and more.

The Qabala originates in Jewish mysticism. It is old, its roots are deep, meaningful, powerful, and as always, we recommend that you research the history of a topic directly as that is not our focus.

Our focus is on the practical usefulness and power of a tool. The history is important in understanding how it is used. Understand that the origins are in Judaism and you will understand the focus on archangels, seraphim and other non-pagan references in the materials. That being said, as with any truly powerful tool, it transcends the religion that sourced it and, after many decades of use within the Western Magical Traditions it has become embedded and embroiled in our workings as well.

This course explores how to use the Qabala in a practical sense. A practical, metaphysical sense (which is not truly a contradiction in terms).

The practical Qabala offers:

  • a way of organizing information
  • a way of conceptualizing the Universe
  • a methodology for deep personal growth work
  • a methodology for deeper understanding of the Tarot
  • a way to access deeper levels of consciousness
  • a way to find correspondences and connections between things
  • and more, there’s always more

We will primarily be using meditation and contemplation to explore the Qabala. There are 12 topics, starting with the introduction, then the 10 sephiroth individually, and finally a concluding topic. The course will be organized with three parts per topic, with one or more lessons per part. With one topic per month that comes out to approximately 3 weeks of lessons and one week off per month.

The first part will focus on the general information (i.e. a chance to get grounded in it before the discussion/meditative tea) and an experiential exercise or two to get prepared. The second part will focus on the tea itself and contain the main meditative work for the topic. The final part will reflect on the intial information and expand on it.

This special offering of the course will be operating on a specific timetable, starting on January 2nd.  The topics and their sub-parts will be added each week on Mondays.  If you’re starting a bit late, so to speak, do the lessons and exercises as work for you; you’ll know you’ve caught up to the main group doing the course when you find you have to wait with everyone else for the next topic & part to go up!  If you want to catch up.  These exercises are here to be done on your schedule.

Are you ready to get started?  I thought so!  So head on over to the first topic:  1: Open to Qabala and let’s get experiencing!  If you haven’t registered yet, you’ll need to do so first before you can start the course.  You can register here.


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