To say there is a plethora of information on the Qabala out in the world is an understatement.  Here are a few of the books I personally reference.  The books by Ellen Cannon Reed and Aleister Crowley are the ones I reference the most.

The Goddess and the Tree by Ellen Cannon Reed, subsequently re-published together with The Witch’s Tarot into a single volume The Witches Qabala.  The advantage of her books is that she has come at the Qabala from a Wiccan perspective, making room for the Goddess in the work.

777 by Aleister Crowley, primarily for the reference charts.  Also by Crowley and in tangential relation to these materials is the Book of Thoth which focuses on the Tarot aspect of the Qabala.

Imagick by Ted Andrews

Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig


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