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Practical Qabala Course

What is the Qabala? It is a spiritual map to life, the universe and everything. It is (another) Tree of Life. It is a filing cabinet of associated information. It is a way to see the world AND a way to live the world. It is a Jewish mystical and magical tradition that has found its way into Western Occultism. It is a framework for understanding the Tarot. It is a path to guide your journey of self development.

The Practical Qabala course takes you through your own personal experience of the Qabala. It isn’t about simply reading the information that relates to the Tree of Life, but rather about how to connect with it, how to work with it, experience it and ultimately integrate it into your knowledge AND your wisdom base.

BONUS: We have included experiential mapping of the Tarot onto the Qabala.

Because the intention is to integrate the information, this course is 12 months long. Each month focuses on one of the sephiroth (one of the spheres or branches of the Tree), with the first month of the course grounding us into the overview of the tree and the final month pulling it all together again.

12 Months of Magic & Mystery

Why wait?  Get started on your personal journey through the Tree of Life now.  The journey into tomorrow begins with the steps we choose to take today.  

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