Enter by Your Own Choice

What lies within is Change. It requires Work and Practice. I'd click elsewhere if I were you.

TERRA ARCANUM invites you

  • to use its materials to engage with your own spiritual and magickal practices
  • to explore wondrous new worlds
  • to challenge your perspective
  • to bring real magick to your everyday life


  • a get wise quick program
  • an instant solution to anything (except perhaps boredom, but that's still going to depend on your choices)
  • FINISHED.  The site, the author, the explorers, we are all works in progress.

Change is fucking hard. If I had it to do over again, would I? Surface answer: no, deep answer: yes. Am I glad that I've done what I have and arrived at who I am now? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Vi Addams


How do we Change? Choose, act, reflect, repeat. Given today's world of too much to do in never enough time, our practices are designed to do more with less. And they are fully adaptable to your circumstances. Such a treat. The trick is that you have to do them.


No one can do the work for you, but there's also no need to stumble around, lost in the proverbial woods. At Terra Arcanum we provide maps to a world of transformation. Where you choose to travel is up to you. Make your own Adventure, chart your own Change.