Pagan Pride Day Vancouver


The Abysmal Witch will be teaching a number of workshops, running an activity and presenting one ritual at Vancouver’s Pagan Pride Day 2017 on Saturday, September 9th, 2017.

Types of Paganism 101 Workshop 
Get a quick overview and introduction to Paganism, including a definition, the difficulty with definitions, the different paths of Paganism, and all with a brief underscoring of history.
<Information Sheet:  paganism-types-101>

Qabala For Pagans Workshop
Get a brief overview of the Qabala, including a history, structure, philosophy, and magickal usages.
<Information Sheet: Tree of Life>

Ask a Witch Workshop
Violet, the Abysmal Witch, (who has been practicing her Craft since 1990, primarily works Ecclectic British Traditional Wicca yet has experience with a number of different pagan paths, has a passion for ritual and self development, and loves to teach), will be available and (most likely) happy to answer your (reasonable and respectful) questions about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, etc. No question is too silly, nor strange, nor crazy so long as the reasonable and respectful aspects are maintained.

Essential Oil Sniff Challenge!
Can you recognize (or guess) all 10 essential oils? Prizes for those with a good nose. (We promise to keep to pretty common ones!)

Connecting with Terra Through Story and Song Ritual
This ritual will invite all participants to connect with themselves, each other and the world around us through stories and sung chants acknowledging the four elements, the ancestors, and the goddess and god. Vocal participation is strongly encouraged but not required. Presented by Violet.


The Abysmal Witch will be teaching a number of workshops and presenting one ritual at Vancouver’s Pagan Pride Day 2016 on Saturday, September 10th.

Chant Workshop
Sound is powerful, unifying and connects into some of our deepest magics. This is a “hands” on workshop (mouth on just sounds too strange), where you will get to practice toning, simple word chanting and some standard song chants (as well as learn the differences between them). Join us as we get our vibration on!
<Information Sheet & Chants:  chant-workshop>

Types of Paganism 101 Workshop 
Checking out Pagan Pride Day and/or paganism and feeling a bit confused? Come and get your questions answered! We will look at and discuss the major forms of paganism, some common terms, and roughly what you could expect from various types of paganism.
<Information Sheet:  paganism-types-101>

Ritual Construction Workshop 
Come and learn about the many and varied points to consider when planning ritual, from individual rituals to large-scale group ones. We will discuss the basic layout to consider, as well as common problems and solutions. We will put these ideas into practice by planning the Community Ritual that will be run later in the day. (Attendance at the following ritual is not required.)
<Information Sheet:  ritual-construction>

Community Building Ritual 
One of the great joys of Pagan Pride Day is a chance to learn or remind ourselves of the greater community of pagan folk that we are a part of. This ritual will be in celebration of that, of our community. For those taking the Ritual Construction workshop, we will be discussing and formulating this ritual in that workshop.