4.1 Pathworking to Binah

Pathworking the Tarot: X Wheel of Fortune, IX Hermit, and VIII Adjustment (Justice) This continues the work we’ve done in the fourth week of each month. Remember that you can begin your path working by going to your sacred/personal space.

4.0 Magical Chesed

Chesed Ritual I have two thoughts for you on how to connect ritually to Geburah energy. Option 1 Create.  Paint, dance, sculpt, write.  Take some passion from your soul and give it outward expression.  Invoke Geburah first.  Release with appreciation

3.1 Tarot: The 4’s

Downloadable: Tarot: Geburah 5’s The chart is for reference, for those who like such materials.  Reminder, the “Thoth label” is the word chosen by Aleister Crowley to epitomize the energy and the meaning of the card.  The astrological association is another

3.0 Chesed Reflection

Reflection works well in the third week of the month but obviously can be done at any time. Having travelled through to Chesed during the tea meditation, are there questions that now exist for you?  If yes, leave them in the

2.4 Unicorn and Crook

Crook/Wand Last month in Geburah we didn’t look at the scourge, one of its symbols and weapons.  Wiccans frequently work with the scourge and the kiss (wand).  In Egyptian history, you will see the crook and the flail held by

2.3 Chesed Vice & Virtue

Discussion/Contemplation Exercise As you have already experienced, to really get to know the Sephiroth we want to explore not just the associations of the Sephiroth, but how their essence influences, impacts and/or can be used by us.  The vices and

2.2 Deities of Chesed

Once again we will take the opportunity to take the quality of the sphere, its essence, its resonance, and seek out the matching qualities, essences, resonances in something else.  In this case specifically gods and goddesses.  We can use this

2.1 Chesed Tea Meditation

As with any time you are doing meditation, try and arrange to be in a quiet place, free from interruptions.  Be physically comfortable (including temperature).  Go to the bathroom before starting, turn off your phone. Whether you are doing this

2.0 Chesed Tea

Today is the 8th tea of the course.  We have been travelling long and far.  Here, in this tea, there is a time of rest and rejuvenation available to us. It is important to recognize that the higher we travel

1.3 Other Connections: Chesed

Pick your own adventure time! a) Using the Chesed Associations, find a connection with Chesed that you want to explore; I recommend one of the symbols and/or titles for Chesed. b) Connect with Chesed (either on your own or via the connection

1.1 Planetary Association: Jupiter

Jupiter Concepts Jupiter is the planet of expansion.  It is spinning so fast that it emanates more heat than it receives from the sun, the only planet that does so.  It has 16 of its own satellites, making it in