2.4 Truncated Pyramid and Lamen

There are several symbols for Tifareeth, many of them the cross, for the cross typically has two root connections: Connection to sacrifice Connection to the Sun We’ve talked about how the planetary aspect of Tifareth is the sun, that is

2.4 Lamp & Girdle

Two of the symbols for Netzach are the lamp and the girdle.  (The third is the rose, but I don’t feel that needs any additional exploration.  If you do, I invite you to meditate on it!).  Here are some thoughts

1.3 Other Connections: Netzach

Pick your own adventure time! a) Using the Netzach Associations, find a connection with Netzach that you want to explore; I recommend one of the symbols and/or titles for Netzach. b) Connect with Netzach (either on your own or via the connection meditation