3.1 Tarot: The 6’s

Downloadable: Tarot: Tifareth 6’s The chart is for reference, for those who like such materials.  Reminder, the “Thoth label” is the word chosen by Aleister Crowley to epitomize the energy and the meaning of the card.  The astrological association is another

2.2 Deities of Tifareth

As you know, with each Sephiroth we can associate categories of gods and goddesses.  This is another example where we can take the quality of the sphere, its essence, its resonance, and seek out the matching qualities, essences, resonances in

4.1 Pathworking to Geburah

Pathworking the Tarot: XII The Hanged Man, XI Lust (Strength) This continues the work we’ve done in the fourth week of each month. Remember that you can begin your path working by going to your sacred/personal space.  A description of

4.0 Magical Tifareth

Tifareth Ritual For Tifareth I recommend walking a labyrinth for the ritual. It can be an existing labyrinth (some churches have a labyrinth, trying googling labyrinths in your area); or you can make a basic labyrinth yourself out of rope,

3.0 Tifareth Reflection

Reflection works well in the third week of the month but obviously can be done at any time. Having travelled through to Tifareth during the tea meditation, are there questions that now exist for you?  If yes, leave them in the

2.4 Truncated Pyramid and Lamen

There are several symbols for Tifareeth, many of them the cross, for the cross typically has two root connections: Connection to sacrifice Connection to the Sun We’ve talked about how the planetary aspect of Tifareth is the sun, that is

2.1 Tifareth Tea Meditation

As with any time you are doing meditation, try and arrange to be in a quiet place, free from interruptions.  Be physically comfortable (including temperature).  Go to the bathroom before starting, turn off your phone. Whether you are doing this

2.3 Tifareth Vice & Virtue

Discussion/Contemplation Exercise As you have already experienced, to really get to know the Sephiroth we want to explore not just the associations of the Sephiroth, but how their essence influences, impacts and/or can be used by us.  The vices and

2.0 Tifareth Tea

Welcome to the sixth tea of the course!  This is it.  Halfway.  Well, after this month is over, since we have an even number of lessons. I mentioned last month that by bringing in Netzach, we were finding the opposite

1.3 Other Connection: Tifareth

Pick your own adventure time! a) Using the Tifareth Associations, find a connection with Tifareth Associations that you want to explore; I recommend one of the symbols and/or titles for Tifareth. b) Connect with Tifareth (either on your own or

1.2 Color Connection: Yellow

Colour Connection Exercise:  Yellow This is a simple exercise.  You can do this simply by contemplating the colour yellow.  Or by having samples of the colour in front of you while you do this exercise.  The a) Start with connecting

1.1 Planetary Association: Sun

Sun Concepts The centre of our solar system is the sun.  Solar, sol, sun.  The star is the dense core around which all other planets spin.  It is the source of heat and light that has given rise to life